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The Mindset of a wealthy person: Finally become abundant.

Hi my dear friend,

I know it is hard to admit – but it is still true that we mostly behave like slaves of money. We live as if money is our most valuable compass and so we follow a tool instead of using it to follow our true desires.
We serve money and we don´t let it serve us as it is supposed to. We are working like hell, we turn against our beloved ones, we don´t listen to our body and health and we destroy our environment – just because we are never (truly and deeply) satisfied.

In our minds we are still running behind money, as if it could escape from us.

We started to work to earn money instead of working to offer value – which then naturally brings around money. We buy shallow stuff which is used to fill a void in us caused by a lifestyle without deeper meaning, satisfaction and joy. And we are saving money for worst case scenarios, which may never happen – and we deny ourselves to buy/spend/invest in what we really want and need.

All of our adult life we spend waiting for the day to come, when finally money flows to us abundantly and we finally don´t have to earn it anymore through jobs we hate. We look towards a future event which might never happen. Because when we are stuck in an unpleasant job or situation and till now we didn´t figure out how to do it better – what makes us think our circumstances are just changing drastically to the better for no reason?

Honestly, we need to open our eyes to the fact that we made money our king. All of our lives we make money bigger than us. We make money more important than humanity, our environment, sympathy and joy. We forget our own interests and talents and do whats „necessary“ instead – because of money. And why? Because we were taught to do so. We were told that our dreams, desires and visions are nice – but they will never finance our lives so we better apply to a stressful job full of pressure, deadlines and against our fulfillment.

But here I am telling you, that we need to challenge these beliefs. We need to ask ourselves why we are not „worth“ the job or project we really want to do. Why are we not „supposed“ to do what feels right for us? Why are we not „meant“ to do what we do so easily and are naturally good in?
If talents, desires and interests are not important – why do they exist then?
And are you sure that you don´t spend your money for things which should compensate the missing joy in your life which you might feel when you live your purpose?

We urgently need to challenge our beliefs around money, finances and carriers before we destroy not just ourselves – but the planet we live on. We need to find new ways of earning money and spending money and stop corruption, sorrow, destructive behavior and the „me vs. you“ mentality. Nobody wins if one loses. No matter who.

But the good news is: we can „own“ more money then we need – and we can learn to treat it as it always wanted to be treated: as a medium of exchange to enhance love, humanity and true, natural abundance. Money can serve us again as an energetic currency for received services and goods. It can spread joy, love and make visions true – if it is used with pure intentions.

Master your finances before they master you.

Mindset Twist: who is the king here?

If money was a person, it would always be overwhelmed with the many responsibilities we gave it such as making it the source of misery and corruption. Money just wants to serve and be given and taken freely. Just as energy wants to be given and taken freely.
And money wants to spread joy and participate in building great things and realizing visions – just as energy wants to spread joy, participate in building great things and realizing visions.

Let´s say it like this: Money wants to be used. It wants to be used to create more value or to compensate value. It does not want to take responsibility for despair and sorrow. It wants to resolve it. And it for sure does not want to be your king and dictate you to do things that contradict your wellbeing, priorities, boundaries, health and the economy.

If money was a person, it would always insist to flow and come around as much as it can. It would tell us to let it go and so it can come back freely and abundantly. It wants not only to create wealth, but it wants to do this in the least restricted way possible. It wants to have as many access points of wealth as possible and to flow through as many hands as possible to create the most joy and wealth as it can. When it is held back from a place of fear and greed and all the other lower vibrational emotions, it feels forced to drop its purpose: to be off service as an exchange medium.

And again: If money was a person, it would be naturally drawn to the places where abundance already exists – in one or another way – at least in the intentions and thoughts of the people. It would be attracted to projects and people who see its value to create more joy, where it is allowed to flow freely and to create valuable or joyous things in a global manner.

If you would compare money to your breath, you could see the nonsense of holding it back artificially. If you decide to keep your breath in your body because you´re too afraid to let it go – you would suffer and eventually collapse or suffocate. The only reason you would try that is when you would be convinced that there is no more air left, or you are at least not able to access it in any way.

If you expect money to be your king or leader (which will never be possible, because money is a passive part and you are the active part of the game) you make yourself smaller and less important than money. You define your value as less as the value of the exchange medium – which can only be valuable if it is used by humans.

So does money want to come to you when you feel unworthy of it? Or is it more attracted to you and wants to stay around if you spend the money you already own in a natural awareness of your abundance (ideas, talents, intentions …)? Does it want to be with you and come to you when you are aware of its usage and overflow and you´re not afraid to let it go and come around again?
Do you feel your own value also without money being the indicator for it?

Be aware that you are the leader of your money. Money is passive. You are the on using money – not the other way around. Don´t let yourself be used „because of money“ because it is not at all its intention. See the natural order again. You are the king so to say. You decide. You define what money should be used for. Make money valuable for higher values again and end the usage of humans for money. Let´s use money for humanity instead.

Mindset Twist: Time equals Money?

Is is more than obvious that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur or work self employed. Not everybody wants to be a freelancer. I can see why some people would always choose the „safe“ way of being employed. You can enjoy holidays, your evenings are free and the pressure and responsibilities are not part of your life so much. But still – whatever lifestyle you prefer you can twist your mind around this topic:

So let´s say you are employed and you are paid per hour of work. This doesn´t mean, that for that worked hour you created any value.
If we are paid hourly then we offer our time and we expect it to be compensated with a certain amount of money. We let us be treaten as if in the offered time we are supposed to do whatever is asked from us.
We make the deal: time for money. But is it a good deal? Is offering time (the most valuable „thing“ you have in life) clever and even morally ok?

Why wouldn´t it work if we offer values instead of our time? Why shouldn´t we expect to be paid for the value we create for a company, humanity or whoever we serve? In this case we stay self-controlled about what we offer and why – and we stay aware of our value – we don´t treat our lifetime as if it doesn´t count and we are supposed to give it to somebody else who can then choose what we do in that time.
After some research it is not impossible to find companies and other institutions which offer exactly this model.

It is always a good idea to reflect and think of the value you create. Is what you do on a daily basis fulfilling? Do you do what you are standing for? Is it worth waking up for it? Are you authentic with your work and the energy you put in? If you would not be paid for what you do – would you still enjoy it for some reason? Do you fill your work-time with nonsense because it´s boring or you´re not really needed there? Do you waste your time? Or do you create value?

Give some value back to yourself – you have more to offer than your time!

Mindset Twist: who defines the value of your work?

Surely you heard about supply and demand – it´s what makes the prices on the global market. But did you ever think of the value of services? Who defines the value of a kindergardener? Of a clerk? Of a scientist? Of a clown? Of a politician?

  • who defines the value of your work?
  • or even deeper: who defines the value of your time?
  • which work is higher in value? Why?
  • what is the base of defining values?
  • is everything defined really fair?
  • can we ourselves define our value?


Did you ever question your paycheck? Are you paid fair? Is your created value compensated well? Do you value the work you do? Because if not – how could the world do it for you?

Yes, maybe you´ll not be able to earn 449 EUR / $ pr hour as a salesperson just because you want it. But you can start appreciate your work and talents and skills – so much so, that you are not willing anymore to sell yourself under your worth. And you´ll be less able to do work which contradicts your joy, is violating your boundaries or is simply not fulfilling.

As soon as you´re aware that you can define your value by the work you did and services you offered and values you created, you can start to give your best – you can cultivate a new way of „working“ because you will work with a feeling of satisfaction for your created value. You will see/ acknowledge your unique gifts and the treasure you hold with what you do. You know what you are needed for and that you are important. And since you do something valuable, you can expect to be appreciated and you can choose what to do (for money) and what not.

Define your value by the joy you earn through what you do. Define it by the needs you are able to satisfy. Define your value by the smiley you get back. Define it by your confidence in doing what you truly stand for.
And as you do this, you will be able to see new possibilities, new jobs, doors will open for you, ideas will come and the right people will gather around you, because you are valuable.

There will never be a time when you are not worthy and valuable. Your unique point of view, your preferences, skills and interests are needed here on planet earth. Don´t sell yourself cheap because of money. Remember your worthiness.

Mindset Twist: Do you spend money or you compensate a void inside?

It´s important to think about that: which motive drives you to buy something or to spend money for something? Do you try to fill an inner void and feeling of lack of joy? Or do you fell joyous spending money and you really appreciate what you buy / spend money for?
Did you ever spend money for something which you know is less qualitative – but because it is cheaper you choose it? Do you choose a number over your health? For example food: do you choose your grocery from factory farming or you choose organic quality because you really appreciate what you spend your money for? If money was your tool to vote for something – would you seriously vote for poisoning food and products which are bad for our environment and the people producing them?

Are you ready to live according to your best interests and principles? Are you ready to live your value and do what feels right?

Do you serve the money by buying cheap and unnecessary things? Or do you let money serve you to buy what you really want and need?

And of course I know there are times in someones life (in mine there were a lot of these times …) when the choice between cheap stuff and quality is not made as easily. Especially in times of financial crisis or lack of money. Still – never let money define your worth. Never let yourself down to a feeling of being less valuable than money. Stay focused in your awareness of your values. Try not to compensate inner lack with buying stuff you don´t really appreciate. Go within – define your value and celebrate your unique qualities.

It is always a choice to spend money. When you spend money for something, you vote for that thing or service. It is always and everywhere like this in life – what you focus on, grows. What you feed with energy (money / attention …) will persist.

Products are made because we ask for them. And we ask for them because we are told we need them to meet a need in us. But be aware that not every need you are shown in advertising is a real need. Artificial needs are created everywhere to make us believe we can´t live without their offer. But – as soon as we are not buying from a feeling of inner lack, we tend to see the nonsense of some products and we also see the environmental damage they may cause. Or the suffering they cause to humans, children, animals, cultures …
What we really lack inside is a true feeling of safety, satisfaction, importance, power, connection and many more. We need to be open minded to the idea that we try to fill voids with goods because we are too afraid to really understand our consumer behavior.

We forget our natural connection and responsibility towards this beautiful planet and all creatures living on it. We are given so much from mother nature – it´s time to appreciate and acknowledge it.
I know it´s hard sometimes because the world of advertising is so colorful, happy, promising. The media knows how to sell their products through emotionally impacting slogans which promise to fulfill exactly what we are internally craving for – even if it´s not what we are really craving for.

Start remembering. Be valuable. Be brave enough to define your value. Spend money from higher states of being and transform your finances. Because money is naturally drawn to people, places and circumstances that create values and joy – globally and consciously.

Not only for humanity, not only for the environment and not only for our dignity – for the whole planet and all the future generations coming after us: we need to start the movement towards a better functioning economy – socially, peacefully, respectfully.
We need to understand money and energy. We need to remember our connection to humanity and nature. And we need to create values and live from our inner abundance – then the abundance of the entire universe will naturally reveal itself to us.


Hallo liebster Leser,
ich bin überzeugt davon, dass Freude unser ultimatives Ziel im Leben ist - denn alles, was wir uns wünschen, soll uns Freude bereiten. Ich möchte dir ein Stückchen Lebensfreude schenken - mit meinen Tipps und Tricks rund um das Thema "Persönlichkeitsentwicklung", "Erfolg", "Lebensfreude" und "Selbstliebe".

Für dich vielleicht ebenfalls interessant...

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